Remote Lecturing

During the Corona pandemic we streamed our lecture Modern Physics at the University of Kassel with Peerscope live streaming. The students were enthusiastic about the presence and quality. Prof. Kilian Singer was nominated for the Ars-legendi teaching award.

The complete playlist can be watched here:
Lecture Modern Physics at the University of Kassel

Live Lectures

Prior to the pandemic, we trialed our system in lecture halls, which allowed for front-facing lecturing with projection of the lecture content. This would also be ideal for hybrid local/remote lecturing.


Of particular importance is our system for barrier freedom for the deaf and profoundly hard hearing persons. The system was presented at the Media Technology VII workshop in Berlin (March 4, 2020) in the keynote lecture "New technology approaches to accessibility: peerscope and more" by Dr. Sam Dawkins. With the ability to simultaneously view slide presentations and a good, front-on view of the speaker, deaf people could lip-read simultaneously without having to choose between viewing the slides and viewing the speaker.

Remote Collaboration

As many of us have experienced during the pandemic, video communication is a great tool, but there are limitations. Peerscope makes the experience more human and more natural, by including non-verbal communication, the ability to see interactions on the screen and a more human presence.