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Prof. Dr. Kilian Singer
Physicist | Teacher | Cofounder

I am passionate about quantum technologies and my time coming up with new research ideas and doing great teaching involves a lot of video conferencing. It was always bugging me that direct eye-contact is not possible, and that you find yourself wanting to show something on the screen. When I needed to do some grade entry for exams, I found myself playing with some lab cameras and suddenly saw my mirror image on the screen. I was fascinated by the possiblities of this new way of video conferencing and starting to apply my other passions: programming, electronics and optics!
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Dr. Sam Dawkins BSc BE MBA
Physicist | Engineer | Cofounder

Kilian and I have worked together on quantum optics for a long time - lots of optics, electronics, signals, programming and, of course, cool experiments. When Kilian and I started working together on Peerscope, I realised that I had returned to a formative experience of my youth - on a farm in Australia, far away from high schools, I attended school by mail. If we'd had Peerscope back then, my poor mother could have avoided trying to help me learn calculus!